What are covers, pages and spreads?

  • Front cover: Every photo book includes a cover page that you can design just like any other of your pages. It does NOT count as a page of your book itself and is always included in the base price.
  • Back cover: The back cover will always look the same by default: white with a little My-books logo in the centre. Note you cannot edit this very last page and this is why it is not shown in the digital version of your photo book at all. It does not count as a page in this sense. So make sure you also fill the right page of your last spread, otherwise this will be blank in your actual photo book.
  • Spine: The spine will always look the same by default: white, note you cannot edit this. 
  • Page: A 'page' is a single page you see when you edit your project in the software.
  • Spread: A 'spread' consists of two pages facing each other. 

The software assists you in counting the pages correctly by indicating underneath every page which page number it is; it even shows the position it will be placed in the printed book: 'Page 1 Left', 'Page 2 Right', and so on.

So, if you have a voucher and want to make sure you do not exceed the number of pages your voucher covers, just look at the index and see how many pages you already created.


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