How can I prevent images rotating incorrectly?

 To fix the photos and prevent them from rotating - locate and rename the original photo and follow the directions below:  

  1. Load the Saved Project by clicking on "My Things"
  2. Navigate to and select your saved project
  3. Click "Edit Project"
  4. Click "Add Photos"
  5. Import the photos in question (photos that were renamed)
  6. Navigate to the affected layout (storyboard scrollbar)
  7. Select the affected photo on the layout  
  8. Locate the re-imported photo in the Unused Photos panel
  9. Hover over the thumb preview in the Unused Photos panel
  10. Click on the magnifying glass icon  
  11. Click "Replace"  
  12. Adjust the photo border if necessary; keep in mind that this procedure must be done with all other corrupted photos.
  13. View the layout carefully in “FULL" screen mode before uploading to the cart.
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