How do I order a number of books with different vouchers

Its really simple to order multiple books, with no need to start over each time- but you will need to upload them to the cart each time- it doesn't take long :)

All you will need to do is make your Photo book/ Canvas / Calendar- make sure you are saving while you go.

Once you have finished, proceed through the order process, entering your unique voucher code at the last stage of the order process to apply the discount. Once your order is complete, reopen your saved book and repeat the order process.

The how to redeem instructions located on your voucher can be a big help, we recommend you read these. 

Just a wee hint-if you are ordering a large number of books and you have time on your side, its sometimes good to order one book, see what it looks like as you may find you want to tweak a couple of things once you have seen the physical book in front of you. You can then change these and order the remaining books- its just a thought but completely up to you :)


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