Why do I receive “invalid code” when applying my voucher code?

When you enter the voucher code at the checkout, and you get the red error message: “Invalid Code” either:

  1. Your code has expired.

  2. Check you have typed in the correct code. Try copy ‘n’ pasting the code to ensure it is correct.

  3. Or you may have the incorrect "region" selected for your code. When you adjust the region, you will be prompted with "Do you want to start over?" don't worry - this doesn't mean you have to start you project again from scratch, it will refresh the software and take you back to the beginning to order in the correct region.
    • If using the “Desktop” version of the my-books software, click on the globe icon (top right corner) and check you have the correct region selected
    • If using the “Web” version in your internet browser, you may have selected the incorrect location. If located in NZ - you must select the correct 'Location': New Zealand

  4. You may have downloaded the USA version of the software called "RocketLife"
    • If you have downloaded RocketLife you will note the RocketLife logo in the top left corner. Also, you will see the prices are in USD.
    • You must uninstall this software. Then download the My-books software from www.my-books.com.
    • Don't worry - your project will open in the My-books software for you to edit and order.
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