How do I add photos?

First, add photos to your project:

1. Click the Add Item menu on the Editing Screen.

2. Click Photos.

3. Click the green Add Photos button.

4. Choose either Browse This Computer or an online source such as Facebook or Google (Picasa). Note: When adding photos from your computer, you must select the actual photo file. The software will not load photos from a shortcut.

5. Select the desired photos. The software supports JPEG and PNG format.

6. Click Add Photos. Your photos will load into the Unused Photos area.

Next, add photos to your layout: 

Drag-n-Drop mode: 
· Drag or click one of the photos in the Unused Photos area. Click the blue triangle for more options.

Autoflow mode: 
· Select the photos to flow into your project, then click the Start button.


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