How to redeem a Hard Cover Treat Me voucher

  1. Download the free My-books software from (if you have already downloaded the software to your computer, click on the My-books icon on your desktop to open the software)

  2. Select ‘Photo Books’, then the correct format size: 
    WARNING: Refer to the title of your voucher for the correct format! It is really important to select the correct format size. If you start creating your photo book in the wrong format size, there is no way to change it without having to redo your whole project. Select the correct format now..or risk having to redo your whole project later!

    • Under 'Order Online' select ‘Classic Sized Book’ if you have purchased a ‘Classic photo book voucher’
      (Note: if you have a voucher for a Small Classic, please select ‘Classic Sized Book’, ‘Landscape’)

    • Under 'Order Online' select ‘Large Format Book’ if you have purchased a ‘Large photo book voucher’

  3. Select from a pre-designed editable template layout or ‘Design your own’. Then select ‘Order online’

    Tip: Landscape photo books are shown first. Keep scrolling down to see the square and portrait options.

  4. Now for the fun part… it’s time to get creative laying out your book, adding photos, text and graphics, editing layouts, changing themes… you are only limited to your imagination! Click here for all you need to know about editing your project, adding photos, changing themes and more!

  5. Your Photo Book will automatically start with the minimum number of 20 pages (+cover)
    • If your voucher is valid for either 30, 50 or 100 pages (+cover) you will need to add more pages (Refer to the title of your voucher for the correct number of pages)

    • You are welcome to have more pages than your voucher states, please note that there will be a charge at the checkout, click here for prices

    • Click here for how to add or delete pages.

    • Click here for how to move pages.

  6. Remember to save your project to your computer as you go. To be safe, we recommend saving after every few pages, or even after creating each page. Click here for information on how to save, open, and delete projects.
  7. Ready to order? Firstly and most importantly, you MUST proof your entire project in ‘Full’ view mode. What you see in ‘Full’ view mode = What you will receive printed. Click the "Preview" button on the top right-hand side of the screen, then click the View full-screen button to view your project in "Full" view mode.
    Note: When viewing each page, wait a few seconds for the page to “refresh”. You might see your photos become a little clearer or things could move slightly on the page.

    • If it looks incorrect here – it will print incorrectly.

    • You are 100% responsible for your order, at My-books, we aren't able to edit, change or cancel customer files… so be sure its 100 perfect before you order!

    • Tip: Once you submit your order, it begins printing almost immediately, so we cannot cancel it. Nor can we fix typos or other errors for you. You are 100% responsible for your order.

  8. Happy? Great! Click on ‘Add to cart'

  9. Now this is a really important part... it is vital you do this for your code to apply at the checkout… Select the correct size and cover option for your voucher.
    When selecting the size...

    • Small ‘Classic’ Printed Hardcover Photo Book voucher is valid for:
      • Landscape 9×7”

    • ‘Classic’Printed Hardcover Photo Book voucher is valid for:
      • Landscape 11×8.5”
      • Square 8.5×8.5”
      • or Portrait 8.5×11”

    • ‘Large’ Printed Hardcover Photo Book voucher is valid for:
      • Landscape 12.5×10”
      • or Square 12×12”

  10. One more really important step... Under “Bindings” select the correct cover option:
    The cover option automatically defaults to a “Black linen Hard cover w/photo jacket”. Unless this is what your voucher is valid for, you will need to change it. For example, if your voucher says “Printed hard cover” it is only valid for a “Printed hard cover”, not any of the “Linen Hard Cover w/ photo jacket” options.
  11. Once you have selected the correct Size and Cover option to match your voucher, select the quantity you would like to order and click “Add to Cart”.

  12. After clicking “Add to Cart”, you will be taken to a screen showing you what items are in your cart. You will see a red warning under your project saying “Please review and approve before placing order”. Now’s your last chance! Have you reviewed your project? Are you sure? Now is the time to check…If you are happy to carry on, click on the red warning and select Approve.

  13. Now that you have approved your project, you can select “Check out” and proceed to the last step of the ordering process. At the checkout, complete all your customer information. At the bottom of the page, enter your Treat Me voucher code and click ‘Apply’. Then click “Continue”.

  14. You will then be given another chance to review your order before completing it. Once your order is complete, you will see a message pop up ‘Your order was successful’ and you will then receive an email confirmation to your inbox, approx 30 minutes later. Delivery is within 10 working days of submitting your order.

If you have any questions or need help creating your photo book, check out the My-books FAQs or contact the My-books team through the support centre:

Customer support hours: Monday – Friday, 10am - 4pm (excluding public holidays)

Be sure to contact us with your feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Lastly…. enjoy!


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