How do I save my own Text Presets?

Creating and saving your own text Presets are a Premium Editing Feature allowing you to save a font you have created for quick and easy use in future - rather than having to select the font, colour, size, outline, shadow etc every time.

To create and save a Text Preset, please see the steps below:

1. When you have your project open in editing mode, select ‘Add Item’ --> ‘Text Box’ --> Then select any font to create a new text box.

2. Type a couple of words into the text box (this will help with previewing the text later). Then select ‘Premium’ from the text box tool bar.

3. Go through the settings and change the font, size, colour, etc until you are happy with how the text looks.

4. Once you are finishing creating your text, select ‘Save Preset’.

5. You’ll now be asked to choose what category the text you've created will be saved under. Create a new category to save the text under, or choose from a category you have already created. Then click the green ‘Save’ button.

6. Once you’ve done this, the Text Presets menu will open. You will see the text you have created saved under the category you chose. This saved preset will now always be an option when you add a Text box.

Please note: To delete a preset text, hover your mouse over the text you would like to delete, click on the small downward pointing arrow that appears and select ‘Delete Preset’.

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