How do I add photos to my project on a Macbook?

Currently, there is no direct way to add photos from the Media Browser on your Mac.

However, you can export them from the Photos app and then import them into our software. 

  1. Open the Photos app on your Mac. 
  2. Select the desired photos. 
  3. Choose Export from the File menu and export the photos to a convenient location on your Mac. Make sure the photos are exported in JPEG or PNG format.
    Tip: Instead of exporting, you can also drag the photos to your Mac desktop to make a copy there for easy access.

  4. Return to your project.
  5. Click the Add Item menu on the Editing screen. Then click Photos

  6. Click on Add Photos.
  7. Choose Browse This Computer to locate your recently exported photos. Select the desired photos. 

  8. Click Add Photos. Your photos will load into the Unused Photos area of the Photo panel.



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