Image Export feature

The Image Export Feature is a great addition to your account. To find where to purchase this, go to the 'Software Upgrades' section in the My-books Software. 

By exporting your photo book pages as a JPEG file, you can use them to create another photobook in a different size, shape, and cover style. 

Exporting project

  1. Click on the project you wish to open and click Edit this project.
  2. To export the current page, click the PreviewSave, or Share button, then click Export.
  3. The Image Export window opens. Select a preset or set the size and quality yourself with the sliders.
  4. Click Save. Enter a name for the file and choose the location where you want to save it.
  5. Click Save again to export the file.
  6. To export additional pages, select them on the Storyboard, then repeat steps 2–5.

 Adding exported pages to a different project

  1. Choose your new product from the catalog and choose Design Your Own.
  2. Click Order online.
  3. The project opens with the Plain White theme selected. Choose the Themes panel.
  4. Click Add Item, then click Photos.
  5. Click  Add Photos, then click Browse This Computer and select the exported files.
  6. In the Unused Photos panel, point to the image you want and click the blue triangle to open the menu for additional options.
  7. Select Apply to background. That fills the page with your image.
  8. If your project has multiple pages, select the next page by clicking Next at the bottom of the screen. Then repeat steps 5–7 to add the image to the page.
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